Lifetime Warranty


You have 3 calendar years of Warranty from the date of your purchase, on all jewelry with 18K gold.

You have a Lifetime Warranty on our engagement rings, wedding rings/bands, and custom jewelry incase of fabrication errors.

Fabrication errors include missing pave stones, loose diamonds, and loose prongs. 

Fabrication errors do not include general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings, lost jewelry, or jewelry damaged due to improper use, cleaning or storage. When normal wear and tear occurs, repairs can be done in house by our expert staff for a repair fee. This warranty does not apply to the replacement of a center stone. 

If you believe your ring has a fabrication error, you could send an email to, after we handle your case.  


Please NOTICE: Any work performed by a jewelry other than Honn Fine Jewelry automatically voids the warranty. 

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